Architecture Faculty – Studio Working Form

  • Please fill in the form for the times you would like to use the studios for working.
  • Each student must fill-in the form individually.
  • Students will be checked regularly by the security of the university. If you do not have a permission granted by this form, you will be dismissed from the studio.
  • Each studio classroom has a capacity. When the quota is full, students will not be allowed.

F101 Classrooms Availability Schedule

Class Code F101
Capacity 40 Students
Monday 17:40 – 07:00
Tuesday 17:40 – 07:00
Wednesday 18:40 – 07:00
Thursday 18:40 – 07:00
Friday 17:40 – 07:00
Saturday-Sunday 08:30 – 07:00

Studio Rules


  •  Keep the studio clean and recycle used materials properly. Poor waste disposal creates an unsafe working environment, attracting pests and contaminating recycling systems.
  • Anything left on the floor and tabletops will be considered disposable. It is in your responsibility to store the projects if they are selected for exhibition purposes.
  • All studios will be cleaned after the working process ends. Do not leave anything in the studio if you want to keep them.


  • Maintain the integrity of the studio.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended. Do not assume that bags, cell phones, laptops or your belongings are safe.
  • Do not move pin-up partitions or desks.


  • Do not tamper with, dismantle, or move furniture located in the studio classrooms.
  • Do not apply decals, stickers, used tape or drafting dots to the equipment of furnishings.
  • Do not use your cutting knives directly on the tabletops. Use an appropriate cutting surface.
  • Do not bring furniture or appliances into the studio.


  • Do not post anything on the walls. You can use the cork boards and white boards instead.
  • Do not store models in the materials archive.
  • Respect the others while working. Do not disturb anyone by your existence.
  • Do not use any chemicals (inc. spray mount, spray paint, apel) at the campus. These materials are hazardous, flammable, and messy.


  • Physical distance in-between students should be followed. While choosing your tables, please try to leave a space between you and your other friends.
  • Do not use others’ equipment to minimize physical distance and contact.
  • You are also responsible for the hygiene and cleanliness of your worktables.

(*) You must submit this form 24 hours before.

Only 4 digit numbers are allowed such as 2210, 2220, 3310, etc
DD tire MM tire YYYY
When will you start working*
When will you finish working*